Chilliwack, BC, Forced to Become "City with Most Rainbow Crosswalks in the World


A rainbow crosswalk is a political symbol that is not inclusive of the general public and represents a minority group who are intolerant and often hateful toward those who do not agree with their worldview. Rainbows painted on crosswalks, benches and murals as well as rainbow flags help to further their agenda.

It is way past the time for action. If not now, when will it be the right time? Take action! Comment online to newspaper articles; write a 'letter to the editor'; organize strategic plans with other like-minded individuals; work with political parties that support your views (e.g., provincial conservative party, Wexit, etc.); write articles for conservative media; speak with your MLAs and City Councillors. Volunteer your time and donate money to preserve our conservative values and to stop the LGBTQ agenda that is slowly overtaking our communities.