Chattanooga Goes Brave New World


SMART meters and thermostats in your house track energy consumption in real-time and allow the energy company to control your temperature inside your own house! SMART water meters give control over your water consumption to the water company. In both cases, they can turn off your power and water when they decide that you've used too much. Don't believe it? In September of 2022, thousands of Coloradans were locked out of their thermostats by the power company because of an "energy emergency" in the state.

The climate alarmists have made predictions of climate doom for over 50 years, and not a single one of them has even come close to matching reality. "Climate change" is a gigantic hoax, but one the whole world seems hell-bent on falling for. We're allowing professional politicians enthralled by the WEF globalist fantasy that gives them total control, to destroy our rights and freedoms to combat a supposed climate emergency that exists only in their totalitarian fantasies.

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