Change Our Country Toward the Good Rather Than the Ugly


We CAN Reform Criminals - it's official. After six burglary arrests starting at 16 years of age, three car thefts, multiple illegal trespasses, lifelong cocaine and alcohol addiction, committed two violent home invasions, pistol whipped one pregnant woman, three armed robberies, dealing Fentanyl and Meth, four years in prison, passing counterfeit money when he was arrested, beating four victims senseless, local porno star, and being arrested 23 times since 1998--George Floyd has not committed a crime in seven months now. Of course, there are those like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson along with Maxine Waters who wish to name schools after him.

George Flood proved himself a criminal from his youth to his death. He lived a pathetic life that no decent human being would want to revere or duplicate. He could only be a "role model" for anyone wanting to waste their lives as career criminals. He got away with his criminal life until life caught up to him. Hint: it wasn't the knee on his neck, but the drugs in his veins that killed him.

After his death, he continues to wreak havoc on the American people, blacks and whites alike. In his name, BLM and Antifa looted and burned cars, stores, court houses, homes and stoned police to the tune of $1 to 2 billion in damages and theft. In his name, anarchists ran wild across major cities in 2020. In his name, a half dozen people lost their lives rioting in the streets.

The best question an American might ask: what if the majority of Americans were George Floyds? How would our country fare with such a criminal class overwhelming decent, law-abiding citizens?

It's a curious incident in American history where thousands of youths ran wild against law and order. They ransacked their own cities and destroyed their own communities. Essentially, all those anarchists copied how citizens of Mogadishu, Somalia live their lives-in total chaos, violence and illiteracy.

What concerns this journalist: right now, we've seen the greatest divide in America that's occurred since the Detroit riots of 1968. I lived there at the time! Not pretty for anyone. African-Americans destroyed Detroit, pure and simple. They accomplished that kind of destructive tribalism that stems from their cultural roots in Africa. That's why you don't see any advanced civilizations in Africa. Over 90 percent of Africans don't enjoy access to a toilet. Clean water? It's all contaminated. Diseases? Over 15 million Africans have died of AIDES. Tribal wars? All the time!

Right now, we've got African-American Barack Obama sewing as many seeds of conflict as he did when he became our first "Affirmative Action" president. He seeded this country with Muslims faster than ever before. They will continue to make massive gains via installing Sharia Law under Biden. Those same seeds of anarchy will result in "Little Mogadishu's" in Detroit, Minneapolis, Lewiston, Maine, Miami and other Islamic enclaves in America. Remember there are 35 confirmed Islamic training camps from Pennsylvania through Michigan through Washington and into California. They train for only one purpose.

By January 20, 2021, Joe Biden expects to nullify our immigration laws by opening the borders for an endless line of third world immigrants with not a single affinity toward America other than riding the "Golden Ticket" known as our welfare system. He's ensuring that millions will chain-migrate their families into our country. Out of those millions will equate to countless gangs, drugs, anarchists, thieves, crooks, arsonists, shoplifters, rapists and every other kind of low-grade human being on the planet. Why do you think people flee places like Mogadishu, Congo, Sudan, Iraq, Somalia and Pakistan? Answer: sheer, pure, third world systemic/cultural violence. What's the problem? Answer: they bring it to America.

How will we Americans who built this country withstand this massive tidal wave of people? How will our communities try NOT to become the next Detroit or Minneapolis or Miami or Los Angeles? How will our children fare in schools where there was an 88 percent dropout rate like Detroit's school systems before 1.2 million people fled the Motor City? How will Blacks fare if this country degrades into racial conflict? Why would BLM want such an ending?

Finally, why would Biden do that to us? Why did Obama do it? Why did they want to see America fragment into opposing groups? Some pundits say it's "The Kalergi Plan" being thrust upon our civilization to fragment all of us into opposing tribes. Others say there are some very powerful men in high places that want to see the United States of America implode. Women like House members Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters and Ilhan Omar from Somalia want to dismantle our political and economic system. But they don't possess a clue on how to replace our prosperity with better prosperity. All of them couldn't pass 8th grade math tests, but they landed powerful positions in Congress. Can you imagine who voted for them?

How will this all end when Biden/Harris obliterate our free speech? How will it end when they try to kill the 2nd Amendment? Hint: look at Europe and Canada. The citizens are powerless. How will it end with another 35 million more foreigners added to our country in the next 10 years? How's it going to end with over a hundred different languages and cultures manifesting in our communities across the USA?

And how will it end with the addition of 100 million immigrants? Can you guess? What can you do? Answer: call your two U.S. Senators and House member and demand they shut down all immigration into the USA. If you have a better idea, write me:

This is what's coming if we don't stop it. It's not "If" it's coming, these numbers WILL manifest if you and I fail to act and get involved.

Frosty Wooldridge

November 20, 2020