Canada under siege: Islamic supremacist onslaught against Christian federal Conservative candidate


Whatever it was that CPC Candidate Ghada Melek retweeted or shared on Facebook about Islamic supremacism was not discussed intelligently by the NCCM in a spirit of open dialogue. Melek is simply accused of "Islamophobia." The NCCM routinely accuses and dictates who should be punished, and leads witch-hunts in an atmosphere of political correctness that it helped to cultivate and advance in Canada.

Let's hope that Ghada Melek continues to represent Canada proudly as a pluralistic country, as well as provide a glimmer of hope for those persecuted people who arrive in Canada - such as the Christian Copts and other minority groups who have suffered under Islamic supremacism. Canada must protect their rights and freedoms, not cave to the very evil that they escaped from back home.

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