Canada’s Ilhan Omar #Awakening2019 Time to Repeal and Replace Justin Trudeau: Part 3


Let me introduce you to Canada's Ilhan Omar: Fatima Benhatta. Canada has a Prime Minister who stands up for those who face racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia. He stood proudly beside Iqra Khalid, an MP and member of the Liberal Party when she brought forward Motion 103 that called for the end of Islamophobia. PM Trudeau has made a point of thanking esteemed members of the Muslim community, including Fatima Benhatta, the British Columbia representative of Islamic Relief Canada (IRC).

Islamic Relief has been found to have connections to funding terrorism and Islamic extremism. A Swedish government report named it as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood; the Tunisian government is reported to have investigated allegations that Islamic Relief was funding jihadists on the Libyan border; and members of the US Congress have launched an inquiry into a reported FBI and IRS investigation of Islamic Relief's activities.