Canada: Rabbi backs out of hosting conference on threats to freedom over charges of “Islamophobia,” explains “I’m not Pam Geller”


Incredible. Daniel Bordman, the author of this article, writes: "Rabbi Grover said something interesting to me. He said 'I'm not Pam Geller.'" He certainly isn't. As if standing for the freedom speech were a bad thing. Not only is Rabbi Grover a coward, but here he is crowing about his moral cowardice. And note that the article in Now Magazine denouncing the conference was written by none other than Michael Coren. Coren is the author of a book entitled Hatred: Islam's War on Christianity, was a featured speaker at our AFDI conference on honor killing, and interviewed me numerous times on his old Sun TV program. But now he apparently thinks that concern about jihad terror is "islamophobic." Apparently, his new masters are rewarding him handsomely.