Canada is constitutionally broken, and by the will of the people it can be fixed


Those who came to Ottawa with the Freedom Convoy and those across the country who cheered and supported with contributions the truckers, might be described as "Charter Canadians." The journey to their nation's capital protesting the Covid lockdowns was not merely for them a public demonstration of what they felt in their "winter of discontent" as loss of faith in politicians and all levels of governments; it was also a display of moral outrage over how their constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms had been shredded since the beginning of the pandemic without redress by the courts.

The remedy is constitutionally simple, but politically it might seem difficult as in swimming across a river too wide, or climbing a mountain too high. But if the people of our great and resource rich country are sufficiently aroused, and they are driven with an urgency that their cause is righteous in remedying the broken Constitution that legitimately belongs to them, then there is no river too wide to swim across, nor no mountain too high to climb.

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