“Canada Is A RACIST Nation” Says Federal Party Leader Running For Prime Minister


Green Party Leader Elizabeth May said today that Canada is "awash" in racism and the country has to do a better job of confronting it.

"Yes," May said, when CBC News asked whether Canada is "racist as a country. It's a hard answer because it makes people uncomfortable,"she added. "The word has so much power that I hesitate to use it.

"But you can't deny that our society is awash in systemic racism. We're a long way from a society where racism is not at play." Ms. May said it's a hard truth that she and other Canadians mustcome to terms with, adding that it took a while for her to recognize her privilege as a white person.

CAP has strong words for these type of self-flagellating statements. We despise those who make the statements. Want a dead Canada? Or at the very least, a Canada where Anglophones and Christians trans-sition to second class citizens?

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