Canada fights “hate”, while jihadist sign threatening “massacre of Jews” flaunted at Toronto al-Quds Day rally


A sign alluding to a historical massacre of Jews was carried openly at the annual al-Quds Day hate fest in downtown Toronto ...The sign depicts the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and warns that, 'The last Khayber is ready,' an allusion to an ancient battle in which a Muslim army defeated and slaughtered Jews in the Arabian Peninsula. This is a clear-cut exhibit of what constitutes 'hate' under Canada's hate laws. The al-Quds Day 'hate fest' also includes incitement to violence against Jews.

Year after year, speakers at the Toronto al-Quds Day rally have praised terrorists and incited hatred against Jews and Israelis. Last year, a featured speaker said he was praying for the "eradication" of Israelis. In 2013 and 2016, speakers called for Israelis to be shot, and in 2014, a Muslim cleric called for "Yahoodi" (Arabic for "Jewish") to be "dismantled."

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