New York Times: “Can Islamic and European Civilizations Coexist?” or “The West is Wrong to Resist”


The New York Times published a piece today, "Can Islamic and European Civilizations Coexist?" and it is incredible (as in beyond belief, hard to believe, far-fetched, implausible). The headline sucks you into thinking that, finally, maybe there might be a discussion of this existential question with a (sadly) obvious answer, but that would be delusional. In reality, the Times is not asking the question. It mocks you into thinking the question is a legitimate one. The real title should be: "Muslim grievances, why we are right to whack and whine."

The piece is not written by a legitimate, reasoned and brilliant scholar of Islam like, say, Ibn Waraq, Bat Ye'or, or Robert Spencer. No, this absurd propaganda is by one of the Times' resident sharmutas for Islam, Atossa Araxia Abrahmian.

This piece is one huge pile of steaming dung - like the huge piles of excrement the Muslims would leave outside of synagogues on Shabbat in Morocco in the oppressive heat (knowing the Jews could not clean it up until after sundown the next day).

The finger pointing at the infidel for the violence and holy wars of devout Muslims is at its apex in this indictment of Western compassion and open borders.

"Many patterns of discrimination, Ahmed notes, are rooted in colonial legacies that vary by country...." Ah, yes colonial legacies - nothing about Islamic imperialism and annihilationism. Nothing about the centuries of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements. Robert Spencer's much anticipated tome on Islamic history, The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS, details this very thing, and should be part of every school curriculum in the country.

And speaking of those horrible colonial legacies, they brought with them 20th-century science, technology, industry to these shitholes, made them rich, rich, rich beyond their wildest expectations, and was essential in the return of the caliphate post-Ottoman defeat at the hands of the once brave and confident British empire.

This whole piece seriously made me want to slit my wrists. It is an extraordinary lie, and the left's relentless promotion of the big lies have rendered us ill prepared for what's coming.