The recent decision by the Leader's Debate Commission to exclude Maxime Bernier from debates is appalling. Mr. Bernier easily qualified but the Advisory Board, an "independent" board assembled Oct. 2018 by the Liberal government created a technicality and ran with it.

It is time to hold the LDC to account for their political bias and interference.

Whether one is in favour of Maxime Bernier and his party or not is irrelevant...this is a matter of protecting democracy and freedoms.

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Dear Commissioner David Johnston,

Each member of the Advisory Board brings with them a great deal of knowledge and understanding gained through their various career paths which may have qualified them for the positions they hold. However, the recent decision to ban Maxime Bernier from the upcoming debates reflects a Board who do not value the freedom and democracy our forefathers fought for.

It appears the Leader's Debate Commission has found a technicality in order to repress the freedom of speech and healthy debate. This shocking decision resembles the totalitarianism which we see unfolding in countries such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Spain, and others. Canadians can not afford to sit back and allow elites to manipulate our elections.

In order to qualify for debates, Mr. Bernier was required to have candidates in 90% of the 338 ridings and be a sitting, elected, Member of the House of Parliament. Mr. Bernier not only fulfilled the PPC's quota but surpassed it. Support in Mr. Bernier's own riding, according to a recent poll by ipolitics, shows he is 'ahead' of the Conservatives which many believe is a reflection of a broader picture.


Maxime Bernier's astonishing success in forming a party in less than a year is a monumental achievement and his popularity is growing.

The PPC is in fact the fastest growing political party in the entire history of Canada with 40,000 paid memberships and 312+ candidates running from coast to coast to coast, that alone shows that the PPC is a serious contender in the upcoming election. Since Canada is a Democratic country, and as a taxpayer and a voter, I would expect to be able to hear all sides of the issues debated. The PPC is the only party that has a completely different platform from any other. Canadians, before heading to the polls, must be given opportunity to see if Mr. Bernier is even capable of holding his own in a debate, to see if he has what it takes to be a leader of this great nation. The LDC's recent decision is robbing Canadians of this opportunity.

Therefore, I request that Maxime Bernier be extended an invitation to the upcoming televised leaders debates and in so doing uphold the integrity of our democracy and allow voters go to the polls having been well informed of each party's platform.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.