By Freeing Tamara Lich, the Superior Court Restores Confidence in the Rule of Law


Canadians can see how harshly Lich has been treated compared to those accused of violent offences. They can see how enthusiastically the police and Crown prosecutor have pursued Lich compared to the relative disinterest shown toward protesters who burn down churches and block railways. When the same rules and standards are not applied to everyone, confidence in the fairness of the system evaporates.

Tamara Lich does represent an existential threat-not to Canada, but to the political aspirations of those who presently control it. She has become the face of resistance to a political order in which there are steadily fewer individual freedoms and steadily more technocratic diktats. The Great Reset was unfolding very well in this country until the truckers showed up. A "freedom movement" has been born. Protests around the world have been inspired by the convoy, most notably in the Netherlands, where farmers are presently rebelling against draconian and nonsensical rules to limit the emission of nitrogen, which would put many of them out of business and corrupt the way that food is produced.

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