Believe it or Not by Valerie Sobel


The last few weeks have been historically momentous, triggering the religion of liberalism, the Democrats and their ideas to their absolute apocalyptic worst. As psychotic, apoplectic and risible as it may be, it's still hard to believe...

...that the deeply depraved, TDS-suffering left rallied around a dead terrorist who channeled Hitler. For no other reason than it was Trump pulling the trigger.

...that DOW hit record high 29,000 at exactly the precise moment Democrats hit record high TDS.

...that the "No hate. No fear" New York march against Jew-hatred was organized by feckless Jewish Federations that couldn't even muster up the specificity of the word "antisemitism" in their slogan. And that their march's front line featured congress speople that couldn't utter the same word in Congress, couldn't pass a resolution against it, and continue to employ and protect a Congresswoman who was just named 2019 Antisemite of the year.

...that one Ilhan Omar has PTSD, not from Islamic female genital mutilation, not from cheating on her husband and kids...but from the elimination of a sadistic monster responsible for maiming and murdering thousands, and masterminding terror for a living.

...that she still hasn't been thrown out of Congress and out of the country.

...that anyone follows this excrement on Twitter.

...that there is still even one Jew in America willing to vote for the Democratic Party of Ilhan Oman, Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

...that the public will pay money for Gwenyth Paltrow's newest invention, "Smells Like My Vagina" candle.

...that an all-too-well-known pogrom on Jews took place in Uman, Ukraine, and no one flinched. Because in Ukraine that's a natural phenomenon, Jewish President or not.

...that royal white privilege doesn't cut it for an American intersectionality lefty who aspired to it. Not unless she can use it for titles and security detail but live according to her own rules. In other words: have her cake and eat it too.

...that the crooked Clinton Foundation is about to get off of all charges. Nine lives Clintons...

...that the slow-to-the-punch Democrats still can't figure out that Trump is anti-war and anti-weak at the same time.

...that the last people to know that the plane was shot down by Iran were the DNC and their media propagandists.

...that, like the imaginary recession and Russian collusion, tragically, the post-Soleimani WW3 never materialized for the desperate anti-Trumpeters, Democrats and their media proxies.

...that the Jeopardy question: "where is the Church of Nativity located" correct reply of "Israel" is now an international incident.

...that Iranian protesters refuse to stomp on Israeli and American flags, but Colin Kaepernic, Bernie Sanders and Obama fans have no problem doing it.

...that the House of Representatives leader Pelosi could even utter "It's not that Soleimani is bad, it's that we're good." And that elimination of a man in charge of a deadly Quds militia with blood on his hands all over the ME including 1500 of his own people and 600 Americans was... "disproportionate".

...that the same stuttering wacko still remains House leader.

...that she's still "prayerful" given her life on the bottle.

...given the trail of Soleimani evil, that the word "imminent" (in reference to the next planned attack) was even debated by the Dems.

...that Michele Williams proudly boasted about killing her fetus on TV screens in front of millions watching the Golden Globes.

...that she and the rest of her Hollywood cabal believe this horrendous act of selfishness is worthy of pride and virtue-signalling, while millions suffer from infertility and lack of adoption opportunity.

...that anyone, anywhere, would even watch any Hollywood award show, Ricky Gervais or bubkas.

...that in the world of MSNBC punditry Soleimani was a figure equal to Elvis and Martin Luther King.

...that the two most heinous/murderous antisemitic crimes in Jersey City & Monsey, as the rest of hate-crime statistic in New York State against Jews by blacks...could be contorted, bleached and re-packaged into the favorite "white supremacy" fantasy.

...that the man who stands with climate change obsessors owns a lavish $2.7 million beach-front 4,800 square-foot house in Delaware and rents a 12,000 square foot five bedroom, ten bathroom home in McLean, Virginia; the DNC and carbon footprint front runner, Joe Biden, himself.

...that Iranians continue to chant "death to Mullahs". Leftist Americans continue to chant "death to America".

...that with flinching Iran showing its weakness, America has been gifted the most successful and effective President in history. A president whose instincts outplay and outsmart Democrats every day and twice on Sunday, but who is guilty of one single sin: defeating Hillary Clinton.

...that the Democratic "Blame Trump First" campaign has Buttigieg seriously suggesting that a foreign-policy-brilliant President is responsible for the downing of the Ukraine plane. Scoring political points with his hate base has never been dirtier or more treasonous.

...that America is even considering having a president with the name that no one remembers and Mullahs can't pronounce: Butti...Boogiegit...Boogieman, or Booty anything.

...that crazy Pelosi had enough conscience to pass a war powers resolutions bill to try and limit the power of America's foreign policy revolutionary genius, President Donald Trump, after his triumph over Iran's evil.

...that she did all this out of spite and hate, on tax-payers' dollars, fully knowing that everyone wipes their arse with it.

...that she held articles of impeachment back - out of the same spite and hate. And only to cave in the end.

...that the guy who was once "unpresidential" just graduated to "assassin". But the guy who assassinated al-Awlaki, Gaddafi and Bin Laden remains a cult hero. And the assassin of Benghazi is on speaking tours, taking in millions, trying on new pantsuits and waiting to jump into the Presidential race.

...that confused Joe Biden claims there's a border between Venezuela and Bolivia; countries 700 miles apart.

...that this man wants to make foreign policy decisions as President of United States.

...that in the two years following leaving office as vice president to Barack Obama, Biden and his wife made $15 million according to tax returns. All without ever running a business.

...that someone named Amy is still in the Presidential race.

...that in the process of accusing Israel of "war crimes", at the International Criminal Court in De Hague, four Palestinian NGOs - Al-Haq, Al-Dameer, PCHR, and Al Mezan are directly funded by the Swiss, Dutch, Swedish, and Danish governments. Other similar NGO's in the legal process are funded by the EU, the UK, Belgium, and Germany.

...that in the age of #metoo, the devoted wife of a sexual predator who made 27 trips to a sex island, paid dozens of women off, hung with Epstein regularly, was impeached for lying during his own sex trial, and faced multiple rape charges throughout his life....thinks she can still be President.

...that inevitably it's Trump vs. ....sleepy, stumbling, sedentary and sad Biden.

...that Australian fires were set by 200 humans. Much to the chagrin of 200 Hollywood's Golden Globes sub-humans who desperately needed this to be caused by global warming.

...that the same cult of perverse, self-glorified, uneducated, lines-regurgitating clowns will never tie this week's volcano eruptions in the Philippines to the inevitability of most natural climate changes. All perfectly arranged by mother-earth, herself, without giving two sh^*s about their raging Greta.

...that Trudeau can grow a beard without growing a pair of ....

Valerie Sobel

January 13, 2020