Being Pro-Muslim in a Complicated World


The greatest threat to moderate Islam and its assimilation with democratic values are those people who, too fearful to make a stand against radical Islamists, ignore the pleas of pro-Western Muslims and instead choose to "engage" with the extremists. Real Islamophobes are those who abandon secular Muslims and turn a blind eye to the human rights violations committed against innocent Muslims by Islamist governments and terror groups.

The fact is that intelligent, solidly researched, critical comment on Islam may upset hide-bound Muslims and their many supporters in the West; yet is vital for the wellbeing of Muslims and former Muslims who are desperate to break free from the traditionalists and the violent application of shari'a law. Muslim reformers are many, but they face an uphill struggle in their efforts to influence their religion -- as well as the prestigious and doubtless lucrative jobs that accompany the strict practice of it.