Another Day, Another Blow to Freedom by Bruce Bawer


This is a story about the appeasement of Islam. To be specific, it's about appeasement on the part of book publishers. To be even more specific, it's about a little mom-and-pop operation known as Random House, and a German author named Thilo Sarrazin. It appears that the same house that published my books on Islam - including the one, Surrender, in which I took social, cultural, and political institutions to task for placating the adherents of that faith - has now chosen to step back from issuing a critical book about the Religion of Peace that, given the author's track record, would almost certainly have proved a massive success. Although this is only the beginning of what may turn out to be a long and complicated story, it certainly looks, at present, as if Random House is engaged in precisely the sort of baleful censorship and propitiation that I outlined in Surrender. If that's the case, it's lamentable, but scarcely astonishing.