An American President in London


How, I've asked repeatedly, can so many Brits, even after the exposure of Muslim child-rape gangs (and the long-term official cover-ups thereof) in one city after another, continue to pretend that immigration from the Islamic world is overwhelmingly benign? How, while remaining so blasé about these horrific atrocities and what they portend about the future of an increasingly Islamized Britain, can those same Brits treat Tommy Robinson and his supporters not as national heroes but as human rubbish, and accept with equanimity the ruthlessness with which their own government has thrown Robinson into prison, banned his foreign allies from entering the country, and thrown the very future of free speech in Britain into doubt, at least where Islam is concerned? And how, having sat quietly at home while all these alarming developments were taking place, can so many Brits have decided last week that it was now finally time to fill the streets and raise their voices in enraged protest, for no other reason than that the president of the United States was visiting their country?