Alabama IS bride who praised the death of Americans, called for vehicular attacks “wants to come home”


Those who advocate for the return of Islamic State brides and their children advance the notion that citizenship is an entitlement. It is not. It is a responsibility. To seek the murder of innocent citizens of a country, to oppose its constitution and attempt to subvert its democracy should automatically render that person an enemy of the state. Islamic State jihadists, their jihadist wives and indoctrinated children, for the sake of homeland security, should remain in or be sent back to the very country that they launched their jihad from. They should be prosecuted there.

A reader's comment:

Sure - Come on home, Sweetie! America is the land of opportunity for kafir-hating Muslims dedicated to destroying everything the country once stood for - and maybe killing a few of us loathsome whiteys along the way. We get it. Political correctness & "inclusiveness" are far more important than old-fashioned notions like free speech, a free press, democracy, separation of church (er, mosque) and state, women's rights, gay rights, animal rights, etc. We're hip to all that.

If Alabama won't take you back, maybe my local university will hire you and help smooth out any legal wrinkles due to your treason and stuff. Just contact their Office of Diversity & Inclusion, and you can probably name your terms.