A Visit to Tommy Robinson in Belmarsh Maximum Security Prison


I felt privileged to have been offered the chance to visit Robinson and break up the monotony of one of his prison days. As I've argued before, I believe him to be a man more sinned against than sinning. The main reason for his draconian sentence, I suspect, is that it suited the Establishment to make an example of him in order to demonstrate that it takes the "Far Right" threat as seriously as it does the Islamist threat.

Relentlessly energetic, Robinson has all sorts of projects planned for when he gets out. But I do wonder whether he's wise to stay in Britain any longer. Having lots of Muslims bent on killing you is bad enough; but when you've got the entirety of the British Establishment determined to use you as its Emmanuel Goldstein - its designated, safe-for-everyone-to-hate-and-revile Enemy of the State - then I think the time has come to find somewhere where you're more properly appreciated.

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