A quick reminder of what freedom of speech means


Freedom of speech means Tommy Robinson has the right to gather his supporters in public and tell them there are too many Muslims in Britain. And it means radical Islamists have the right to visit campuses and argue that gay sex is disgusting and kafirs are sinful. It means racists have the right to publish their bunkum. It means anti-racists have the right to protest. It means drill artists have the right to perform music without being given suspended prison sentences, as outrageously happened last week. It means those tragic men's rights activists should have the right to come to Britain and tell angry 25-year-old virgins how to pull women. It means cranky Pakistani Islamists should have the right to come here and spout nonsense about women's position in society. It means Lauren Southern should have the right to come here to talk about how much she hates Islam. It means the UK should have no speech-based or ideas-based restriction on who may come here, though of course the UK can