A Question to Ask On Remembrance Day


On November 11th, ask yourself one question: "Is that what they died for?" Canada 2020: Censorship, Cancel Culture, Shadow Banning, De-Monetization of Dissident Sites, Doxing Dissidents, Public Shaming and more

People Getting Fired for 'Wrong-Think'

The Death of Objective Journalism

The Criminalization of Objective Speech

The Pollicization of Science

Reverse Discrimination and Quota Hiring

Kangaroo Courts

Government Hush Money to Newspapers

Unfettered Migration in Defiance of Public Opinion

Uncontested Illegal Border Crossings

Rampant Immigrant-Marriage Fraud

The Ideological Weaponization of the CBC

Indoctrination of Our Youth

Denigration of Our Heritage

Vilification of Our Ancestors

Revisionist History to Foster White Guilt

Endless Official Apologies for Past Transgressions

The Destruction of Our Symbols

The Invocation of Victimhood and the Denial of Personal Responsibility

Uniformity of Ideas in the Guise of Diversity

The Entrenchment of Absurdities Like "Systemic" Discrimination and "Hate" Speech

Tax Payer Grants To Witch-Hunting "Anti-Hate" Organizations

Snitch Lines

The Sexualization of Primary School Children

Transgender Ideology

Compelled Speech

Medical Fascism

Endless Lockdowns to Fight a Boogeyman Conjured Out of Manipulated Stats