Letter: A Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia


Honourable Prime Minister:

It appears your government is attempting to vote tomorrow on "A Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia". Is this your "do it fast and secretly" trick to get this day established?

The terrorist attack on a Quebec City mosque was a terrible tragedy and a despicable act but this attack should not be politicized and used as an excuse to pass Day of Remembrance. And if you are intent on doing this, then you must also pass "A Day of Remembrance and Action for Victims of Islamic Jihad". Why should Nathan Cirillo, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, Aqsa Parvez, Canadian nationals John Ridsdel and Robert Hall beheaded in the Phillippines, Tammy Chen and Bilel Diffalah murdered in Burkino Faso and the Shafia's not be remembered?

I do not know why you Liberals do not see the dangerous waters that you are swimming in, with your support for M-103 and a National Day of Remembrance. Perhaps you think you can feed the sharks without becoming part of the food chain yourselves. You are so wrong!

Surely you must realize by now that the majority of Canadians are against these egregious motions and it will not be your immigration policies or your financial disasters or your payments to terrorists that will bring down your Government. It is your intransigent and uncompromising stance on protecting Muslims against perceived threats when none exist and your inability to listen to the voices of Canadian citizens.

Yours very truly,

Valerie Price,

National Director

ACT! For Canada