A cry from the heart against rot in education


Powerline blog has posted a letter by a frustrated New York father who pulled his daughter out of the prestigious private girls' school Brearley, located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, because it had become terminally "woke." The letter was previously featured on the web site of journalist, Bari Weiss. The letter-writer's child had attended Brearley for seven years, starting with kindergarten. His letter, directed to fellow parents of children attending the same school, describes much of what is wrong with education in America (and elsewhere) today: it is heavily infested with the racist Marxist doctrine called critical race theory. Bari Weiss herself is a refugee from the New York Times, having left it in July, 2020, after three years as a writer and editor, for its having surrendered its ethical standards to the woke Twitter mob, as she described in her letter of resignation. Let us hope, as Weiss suggests, that the dam is starting to break.

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