A complaint was filed today with the Commissioner of Canada Elections. It would appear there is a systemic problem within the New Democratic Party (NDP)  of political interference. Recently, three NDP candidates, Peter Julian (MP), Sven Robinson and Christina Gower were successful in shutting down debates and removing a Conservative candidate. The attacks targeted leaders of the church and Christians and were in violation of the Elections Act, Charter of Rights and the Criminal Code.

All actions by the NDP were motivated by radical LGBTQ activism, censoring and discriminating against anyone who does not embrace 'their' ideologies.

Refer to letter below for details.

Special note: NDP Candidate Svend Robinson who initiated the complaint against Conservative candidate Heather Leung, is a former NDP MP (2004). Mr. Robinson had to leave politics after he was caught stealing an expensive diamond ring for his partner. Robinson had turned himself in  to the RCMP, was charged with theft and pleaded guilty. Yet he was given a discharge and has no criminal record. He claims it was a just a "mistake" and now he's back.

Despite this, Andrew Scheer didn't think twice about the source of the complaint and instead readily removed Heather Leung. Ms. Leung is a woman of impeccable character and has championed the fight to defend parents and children against the militant overreach of the Political LGBTQ Activists. Once again, Mr. Scheer bowed down to the left and has thrown another stellar candidate under the bus. Due to the timing of this, the Conservatives are unable to replace this candidate. Is Mr. Scheer intentionally sabotaging his party?

If you have had enough of the name calling and maligning of people's characters in order to shut down debate, in order to sabotage and eliminate the freedom of speech, thought and conscience, the right to assemble and the right to a free and democratic election process then please join us and speak out.

Contact the Commissioner of Canada Elections at:  info@cef-cce.ca

Sign and send (forward) the following letter or create your own.

Contact Jagmeet Singh and request these candidates be removed.

Jagmeet Singh

Phone: 613-236-3613 or 604-434 1015
Toll Free: 1-866-525-2555
Email: jagmeet.singh@ndp.ca

Thank you!


God Bless Canada!

Dear Mr. Cote,  Commissioner of Canada Elections,

I request an immediate investigation of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and their tactics in shutting down debates, discriminating against Christians and inciting hate. Specifically, the leader of the party MP, Jagmeet Singh, NDP MP's Peter Julian, and Candidates Svend Robinson and Christina Gower,  appear to be sabotaging our democracy in violating the Charter, the Elections Act and the Criminal Code.

An all Candidates debate was scheduled in New Westminster, BC at the Justice Centre on October 3rd. However, the night before the event, NDP MP, Peter Julian, verbally attacked organizers of the event making defamatory and false accusations and then solicited other Candidates to "stand up against hate" and to refuse the invitation to participate in the debate. Mr. Julian then contacted the Justice Institute of BC, wherein the event was to be held, and applied pressure using his Facebook page. He continued to malign the pastor, calling on others to assist his campaign of hate, intolerance and false accusations. As a result, just hours before the scheduled event, the Justice Institute breached their contract and cancelled the booking.

Mr. Julian is discriminating against the faith community, interfering in an election and promoting religious bigotry. In a democracy, there are two sides to a debate and they need be discussed openly and honestly without impediment or obstruction to ensure Canadians are well informed on critical issues before going to the polls.

Burnaby North Seymour, BC Candidate, Svend Robinson, applied similar tactics in having Conservative candidate Heather Leung removed accusing Ms. Leung of transphobic comments. In reality, Ms. Leung has a history of addressing the concerns related to the highly controversial and explicit sexual education resource and growing concerns over deteriorating parental rights as well as being firmly pro-life. The reason they wanted Ms. Leung ousted was because of her views on questioning the extent of LGBTQ2 rights and the 'controversial issue' of abortion.

Are opposing parties no longer permitted to have opposing views? Are we still living in a democracy?

Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam, BC Candidate, Christina Gower, declined to participate in a debate at the Westwood Community Church because of the pastor's expressed concerns related to the controversial LGBTQ sex ed resource. Once again, the NDP candidate made defamatory and untrue comments about the pastor and his congregation and influenced the Liberals and Green parties decision to join a boycott. Transgender activist Nicola Spurling further fuelled the opposition claiming the position of the church is "hurtful to the LGBTQ+ community and targets marginalized people". 

Pastor Gabeli commented to this verbal assault by stating "the church is committed to upholding the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for every Canadian regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. Sadly, you have jumped on the bandwagon of this activist's claims labeling us and the faith community as racist, promoters of hate and bigots. What disappoints me is that these allegations are based on assumptions and associations and not on any direct quotes of hate or discrimination. The same acceptance that the LGBTQ+2 community wants for their values and views must also be reciprocal towards the faith community which sadly based on what we just witnessed from this activist and others lambasting and smearing us, is clearly not evident."

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh actively worked to shut down Maxime Bernier from being permitted to take part in the national debate after the Debates Commissioner had already approved Mr. Bernier. Mr. Singh used the same strategy as his candidates in making false accusations and attempting to malign Mr. Bernier's character. As leader, Mr. Singh has modeled contempt for Canadian democracy and the actions of his candidates reflect a systemic problem within the Party. 

According to section 2 of the Charter , the actions of the NDP are in violation of Canadians' rights.

Section 2 deals with Canadians' fundamental freedoms.

Section 2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:

(a) freedom of conscience and religion;

(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression;

(c) freedom of peaceful assembly

"Freedom of religion has been defined as "the right to entertain such religious beliefs as a person chooses, the right to declare religious beliefs openly and without fear of hindrance or reprisal, and the right to manifest religious belief by worship and practice or by teaching and dissemination".

"Freedom of Thought, Belief, Opinion, and Expression means that everyone has the right to think and believe whatever they please. Everyone has the right to express their thoughts without the fear of being punished or silenced"

According to Electoral Integrity under the Elections Act, Peter Julian, Sven Robinson and Christina Gower have committed election interference;

"Federal elections are governed by a set of laws and procedures designed to allow qualified electors to have an equal say in the selection of representatives in the House of Commons. Electoral integrity is achieved by ensuring that all electoral participants adhere to the rules designed to safeguard voter participation, and by uncovering and applying sanctions to practices that interfere with it. Elections Canada's electoral integrity program focuses on measuring the quality and soundness of the electoral process to make sure Canadians can trust that an election was fair and that the results accurately reflect the will of Canadians."

According to the Elections Act:

Publishing false statement to affect election results

91 (1) No person or entity shall, with the intention of affecting the results of an election, make or publish, during the election period,

(a) a false statement that a candidate, a prospective candidate, the leader of a political party or a public figure associated with a political party has committed an offence under an Act of Parliament or a regulation made under such an Act - or under an Act of the legislature of a province or a regulation made under such an Act - or has been charged with or is under investigation for such an offence; or

(b) a false statement about the citizenship, place of birth, education, professional qualifications or membership in a group or association of a candidate, a prospective candidate, the leader of a political party or a public figure associated with a political party.

Offences, General Provisions, Obstruction, etc., of electoral process

Public meetings

480 (2) Every person is guilty of an offence who, at any time between the issue of a writ and the day after polling day at the election, acts, incites others to act or conspires to act in a disorderly manner with the intention of preventing the transaction of the business of a public meeting called for the purposes of the election.

According to the Criminal Code Peter Julian, Sven Robinson and Christina Gower are in violation of Section 176(2)

Disturbing religious worship or certain meetings;

  1. Every one who willfully disturbs or interrupts an assemblage of persons who have met for religious worship or for a moral, social or benevolent purpose is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

I request an investigation and the withdrawal of NDP MP Peter Julian, Sven Robinson and Christina Gower from the 2019 political campaign for breaching trust and violating the Charter of Rights, the Elections Act and the Criminal Code.

I look forward to your immediate attention to this matter,

Best Regards,