Rising in defense of our security, our liberty, our values

Act! For Canada stands on guard to defend Canada and the Canadian people against all enemies, foreign and domestic who, through stealth or outright aggression, seek to undermine the freedoms, economic prosperity, traditional values and heritage of the Canadian nation and peoples. This includes:

  • Establishment of a police state by corrupt politicians and unelected health bureaucrats
  • Globalist destruction of the Canadian way of life via economic and immigration warfare
  • China's infiltration and takeover of land, water, real estate, industry and politicians
  • Saudi destruction of our western oil industry and national pipeline construction projects
  • Subversion of our schools, media and policy-making by communist and socialist ideologies
  • Islamization of our nation through stealth implementation of anti-Canadian Sharia law
  • Liberalism, political correctness and the destruction of social values and order

We strive to educate our readers through posting articles each day along with a weekly Newsletter in our efforts to keep you up to date and informed with the latest news. It is important that The Islamic, Globalist, Marxist and Foreign ideologies operating in our country are exposed.




They've divided us to conquer us. Until the MSM is taken down, half the population will not believe us. Until the medical profession is taken down, half the public will not see the lie! These heavily programmed people are too caught up in a political side, worship their news anchors and would die before believing their Doctor would break their...

Poll shows Canadians 10 times more likely to vote for a party that has a strong stance on China. Election candidates who have taken positions against the Chinese regime's human rights infractions and interference operations are finding themselves targets of efforts to rob them of votes, such as smear campaigns, candidates and activists say.

This Covid-19 crisis should be renamed the "Covid-19 scandal" and all those responsible should be prosecuted for civil damages resulting from manipulation and falsified testing protocols. Therefore, an international network of corporate lawyers will litigate has since become the biggest crime against humanity ever.

I accuse Trudeau of incompetence, deceit, inefficiencies, unethical conduct, lies, double standard, fiscal ineptitude, veiled misogyny, proroguing democracy, embarrassing Canada internationally, mismanagement ofthe Covid19 pandemic and of course absolute fiasco of the Afghanistan refugee crisis,

I have in my hands the list of journalists who secretly took a $61-million pre-election pay-off from Justin Trudeau Go to RebelInvestigates.com, and read through the list of nearly 1,500 media organizations who thought they could keep a secret - and indeed they did, were it not for the good work of Blacklock's, and then our own access to...

Steven Emerson is considered one of the most esteemed experts on Islamic Jihad. As early as 1992, he sounded the alarm that a major attack on US soil was just a matter of time, but no one seemed to care. Unlike most Americans who were shocked by the horrific events, he was not surprised. In fact, about a month before...

The battle of Quebec signaled a major turning point in world history. From that point on, French influence and control in the continent was all but extinguished, and indeed diminished in other areas around the world, England and English would become a dominant world force. The US and most of what would become Canada would become an English speaking...

Targeting one's political opponents as evil-doers who pose an imminent threat to the lives of children is clearly not an appeal to unity or calm; in fact, it is just steps away from incitement to violence. The Trudeau government has not only deliberately hidden from Canadians the minimal threat posed by Covid-19 to the general population,...