ACT! For Canada is a forum for citizens concerned about the triumphalist brand of Islam that seeks to erode our cherished western principles of free speech and equality with the goal of eventual Islamic supremacy in the West.

We are fighting to protect our Country by speaking out in defense of our democratic values, our security and our liberty against the rise of Islamism. And we're fighting for the protection of Canada's national security.

ACT volunteers from across the country are mobilizing to make a difference in their communities and for their nation.


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Still high on the Facebook Revolution fevers, Obama, McCain, Hillary Clinton et al all insisted that democracy is a beautiful thing and Mr Morsi was entitled to billions of American taxpayers' hard-earned dollars. Hillary's jet was barely out of Egyptian air space before the new president issued one-man constitutional amendments declaring himself...

It is time to declare that we've had enough of this thought policing. This is not a suggestion of any sort of physical violence -- it is tactically wise to let the Left throw the first punch. Rather, we can change the conversation surrounding these sorts of free speech issues. We must ensure that the busybodies and tattlers are viewed...

The elite in Canada are arguably ahead of America's in their trajectory towards mass rootlessness, perhaps most notably observed when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed that the country was a "postnational" nation, one that had "no core identity" anymore -- something never so explicitly stated by Barack Obama or the Democratic leadership...

A resident of Brooklyn posted a Facebook live video documenting how the Islamic call to prayer was being broadcast to a 20 block radius by a local mosque. "I am in downtown Brooklyn, but I swear it's Saudi Arabia, y'all hear that?" asks Derrick Gibson as the words "No God but Allah, Mohammad is his messenger" are broadcast.

The collective memory of Eastern Europeans' not too distant experiences with and under Islam should never be underestimated when considering why they are significantly more wary of - if not downright hostile to - Islam and its migrants compared to their Western liberal counterparts.

Salman Rushdie is still with us, but the murder in 2004 of Theo van Gogh for producing and directing a film, "Submission", about Islamic violence toward women; the death of so many Arab-Islamic intellectuals guilty of writing freely, the Danish cartoon riots and the many trials (for instance, here and here) and attempted murders (such as here and...

"Criminalizing offensive speech is a far greater and essential danger to freedom than terrorism is. Anybody who wants to criminalize speech that they find offensive differs from the terrorists only in degree, not in kind."
~ Andy Levy ~