Rising in defense of our security, our liberty, our values

Act! For Canada stands on guard to defend Canada and the Canadian people against all enemies, foreign and domestic who, through stealth or outright aggression, seek to undermine the freedoms, economic prosperity, traditional values and heritage of the Canadian nation and peoples. This includes:

  • Establishment of a police state by corrupt politicians and unelected health bureaucrats
  • Globalist destruction of the Canadian way of life via economic and immigration warfare
  • China's infiltration and takeover of land, water, real estate, industry and politicians
  • Environmentalists' destruction of our western oil industry and national pipeline construction projects
  • Subversion of our schools, media and policy-making by communist and socialist ideologies
  • Islamization of our nation through stealth implementation of anti-Canadian Sharia law
  • Liberalism, political correctness and the destruction of social values and order

We strive to educate our readers through posting articles each day along with a weekly Newsletter in our efforts to keep you up to date and informed with the latest news. It is important that The Islamic, Globalist, Marxist and Foreign ideologies operating in our country are exposed.




They did what they did for humanity, for the oppressed, for freedom, for liberty, for human rights, for free speech, for our family, for our friends, for us all. And they did all that with exemplary demonstration of the timeless words of Jesus who said we ought to do our good deeds with humility: "let not thy left hand know...

By closing the church door to the unvaccinated, many were embracing a malicious apostasy that we have not seen since Franco. From July 2021 to mid-2022, vaccine passports were used in churches loyal to the state. What it meant was someone could go to church with the flu, hepatitis, syphilis, herpes, and early onset of Ebola, if they had their...

The greenies' dream of "clean" (except for millions of dead birds) energy from wind farms is dying in the face of the poor economics (even with tax subsidies) and unreliable technology. The big players in constructing wind turbines are facing massive losses and write-downs and cancelling big offshore wind projects. Brace yourself for demands for...

Many people still sneer at Justin Trudeau for his silly costumes; soft-spoken, even boyish, demeanor; and overt love for all leftist tropes, whether racial, sexual, religious, or anything else. Those people are fools. Trudeau is a dangerous man who is rapidly creating a totalitarian government that grants rights only to those who march in lockstep...

Ben Domenech is joined by Becket Adams, Washington Examiner columnist and program director at the National Journalism Center, to discuss his recent trip to Davos.

The mania for rooting out "settler colonialism" has gotten to the point that antisemites can come and go as they please in Ottawa without anyone even noticing, and it's become official federal policy to lavish funds on the Canadian iteration of the theocratic-fascist Muslim Brotherhood.

Who is this drag man in question? Tyson Cook, AKA Miss Freida Whales. It was not difficult to come up with the following information. His extra-curricular activities are shocking to say the least. Tyson created videos depicting murders that also include cannibalism and a Satanic-like ritual. His social media posts consist of sexually vulgar and...

On October 29, 2019 Rocco made the following powerful statement on the steps of the Ontario legislature: "The right to choose does not belong to the state. It belongs to the individual. Only in a police state could you violate a person's body without their informed knowledge and consent."

So committed are some in the West to the narrative of Israeli evil and Palestinian good that they hold up Palestinians as the pitiable victims of massacres in the very week when it was Israelis, Jews in fact, who were the victims of a massacre. Their devotion to the ideology of Israel-hate clearly takes precedence over everything, even...