fr-ACT! For Canada Newsletter – March 3, 2018

"I prefer dangerous freedom
 over peaceful slavery."
  - Thomas Jefferson


All the polls say otherwise, showing how totally out-of-touch Trudeau is from the Canadian people.
Canadians are not asking for more immigration - something the Trudeau
government is ignoring as they push a massive increase bringing levels up
to 340,000 per year. So, Trudeau is not only being dishonest, he is being
undemocratic, by purposely pushing an immigration agenda Canadians
oppose and then lying through his teeth about it.

Justin Trudeau's Indian Trip Keeps Getting Worse
by Daniel Greenfield

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has often been dubbed Canada's Obama.
Nah, he's more comparable to Joe Kennedy III or Israel's Yair Lapid, a
young, good-looking, empty-headed silver spooner who is only in the
running for anything because of his last name. Trudeau's dorky Excellent
Indian Vacation helped make that clear. And it's just the gift that keeps on
keeps-getting-worse-daniel-greenfieldSilly costumes were the least problem with Justin

Trudeau's 'disaster trip' to India

Here, it was clear from the start that Trudeau came to India to score with
his Sikh constituency back home - four out of the six cabinet ministers
who travelled with him were Sikh, as were an overwhelming number of
MPs who also travelled with him. Until the media barrage in India forced
the Canadian side to change tack, Trudeau was not even ready to
meet Amarinder Singh, chief minister of Punjab.

Trudeau continues his India errors even after returning home

by Terry Glavin

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau departed from India on Saturday, it
was hardly possible to imagine that Canada's standing in New Delhi could
plummet any deeper into the abyss of humiliation than eight days of non-
stop travelling gaucherie, diplomatic outrage and burlesque fiasco had
already sunk it. But as things have turned out, the lurid spectacle has not
yet come to anything like a merciful conclusion. This is not going away any
time soon.

The social justice revolution has taken the law
schools. This won't end well
The Law Society of Ontario has begun to compel its members to expressly
acknowledge an obligation to promote progressive values. Individual
liberties are no longer fundamental. Everyone is not subject to the same
rules. The legal ground is shifting. Not all law professors endorse the path
that we are on, and fortunately they can still choose what to teach in their
own courses. Not all lawyers or judges agree either. Many have kept their
heads. Give them credit for thinking for themselves. After all, they probably
went to a Canadian law school.

This is the kind of judge Justin Trudeau wants on
the court
John Norris has defended a number of terrorists and accused terrorists. In
fact he seems to seek that out. A look at his website shows he acted as
Omar Khadr's lawyer in one lawsuit against the Canadian government and
acted as an intervener in two other cases effectively supporting Khadr's
position. He acted for Suresh Sriskandarajah, a man that pled guilty to
terrorism charges for helping the Tamil Tigers. Norris acted for Raed Jaser,
one of the men convicted in the Via Rail plot to blow up passenger trains
above the Niagara Gorge. Other notable clients include Mahmoud Jaballah,
Adil Charkoui, members of the Toronto 18 and more.
Doug Saunders's "Maximum Canada" = Minimum
White Canadians by Ricardo Duchesne
What drives Saunders is not Canada's economic needs but an anti-white
agenda now pervasive in the West. Our lying press and disloyal financial
elites are raising the same false alarms across Europe about how this
continent can't be assured of an affluent future unless masses of Africans
and Muslims are put on welfare payrolls. This pathological animus against
European identity stands at the root of Maximum Canada .
Trudeau Liberals To Give Foreign Countries -
Including China - Access To Confidential Tax Info Of
Canadian Citizens
The report notes the concerns of Michael Bryant - the leader of the
Canadian Civil Liberties Association."If you can get something buried in the budget that nobody knows about,
sometimes you can get something past without getting the kind of heat it
deserves. The big concern is that Canada would be unwittingly
participating in a star chamber investigation and prosecution of somebody
in another jurisdiction, or that Canadians would in essence be thrown
under the bus and information would be shared with other jurisdictions
that don't have our due process and constitutional protections," said
Bryant, who was also the former Attorney General of Ontario.
Spineless Trudeau Carries No Stick in a Canada/US
Trade War
As a result of winning a trade war against the weak and poorly-prepared
Trudeau-led Canada, the US will create many more jobs in the steel and
aluminum industries on the back of Trudeau's virtue signaling, anti-jobs,
anti-trade economic policies. Hence Trudeau will do nothing of substance.
Trudeau will suck it up. He will take more selfies in various colorful outfits.
He will blame former Conservative Prime Minister Harper. He will blame
Trump. He will blame unknown rogue elements in the US government who
wish to hurt Trudeau personally.
Toronto 18 terrorist will regain Canadian
citizenship under new legislation introduced by
The leader of an al-Qaida-inspired plot to explode truck bombs in
downtown Toronto during the morning rush hour will have his Canadian
citizenship reinstated under legislation introduced by the Liberals on
Thursday. Effectively, the bill means the Liberals will be returning
citizenship to Zakaria Amara, ringleader of the Toronto 18 terror group,
which planned al-Qaida-style violence in southern Ontario to push Canada
to abandon Afghanistan.
canadian-citizenship-under-new-legislation-introduced-by-liberalsTrudeau appoints former OSC chair Howard
Wetston to Senate
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced six new senators and calls
them "exceptional".
 Gwen Boniface was the first woman to run the OPP
 Kim Pate, executive director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth
Fry Societies
 Former Ontario cabinet secretary Tony Dean
 Former Scotiabank vice chairman Sarabjit Marwah
 Howard Wetston, former federal court judge and head of the Ontario
Securities Commission
 Lucie Moncion, president and CEO of a network of credit unions that
serve Ontario francophone communities.
Freedom of Speech
Speech First - the New Organization Helping
Students Sue Schools that Suppress Free Speech
The new organization, Speech First, comprised of students, parents,
faculty, alumni, and concerned citizens, is dedicated to protecting the free
speech rights of students on campus - and it launches today. With Speech
First as a new resource, hopefully students will find more confidence to
take on these powerful, speech suppressing forces." Through advocacy,
litigation, and other means, we will put colleges and universities on notice
that shutting down unwanted speech will no longer be tolerated."
CPAC 2018: "Wither Freedom?" panelProspects for defeating the current global assault on freedom of speech by
both the global jihad movement and the radical Left. This is well worth
listening to.
 Moderator, Frank Gaffney, President and CEO, Center for Security
 Katie Hopkins, Rebel Media, UK-based filmmaker, columnist, radio
host and best-selling author: Rude
 Diana West, Author and columnist: American Betrayal and Death of
the Grown Up
 Deborah Weiss, Esq., Center for Security Policy Senior Fellow,, Author: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation's
Jihad on Free Speech, Islamist Influence in Hollywood (Forthcoming)
Google, Facebook,
Liberals double down on threats to regulate social
media by Anthony Furey
The Trudeau Liberals are getting serious about their plans to regulate
companies like Facebook and appear to be in the early stages of an action
plan. "This is a challenge that is being faced by democracies around the
world. We are studying other countries' approaches to see what works and
what does not, what would be appropriate in a Canadian context and what -
like censoring Canadians' speech - would be unacceptable."
regulate-social-media#commentsMarine Le Pen Charged in France for Tweeting
Gruesome Pictures of Isil Violence
Marine Le Pen, the French far-Right leader, was charged on Thursday for
posting graphic images of atrocities by Isil jihadists on Twitter - including
a photograph of the decapitated body of an American reporter. The
images, tweeted in December 2015 with the caption "This is Daesh [the
Arabic acronym for Isil]," included a picture of the beheaded journalist,
James Foley, a man on fire in a cage and a tank driving over another
EXCLUSIVE: YouTube Secretly Using SPLC To Police
The SPLC has faced tough criticisms not just from conservatives but from
the mainstream press as well. "At a time when the line between 'hate
group' and mainstream politics is getting thinner and the need for
productive civil discourse is growing more serious, fanning liberal fears,
while a great opportunity for the SPLC, might be a problem for the nation,"
Politico Magazine's Ben Schreckinger wrote last year.
center-censorshipTommy Robinson Suspended from Twitter for
Stating Statistical Fact About Muslims in Grooming
The controversial activist Tommy Robinson has been suspended from
Twitter for quoting research which found that nearly 90 per cent of
convicted grooming gang members in the UK are Muslim. Twitter once
advertised itself as a platform for free speech, but has become increasingly
political and censorious, taking blue 'verification ticks' away from right-wing
users and frequently banning and suspending people for sharing views the
firm disagrees with - including Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem
Political Correctness
8:00 -- I made a snowman.
8:10 -- A feminist passed by and asked me why I didn't make a snow
8:15 -- So I made a snow woman as well.
8:17 -- The nanny of the neighbors complained about the snow
woman's voluptuous chest.8:20 -- The gay couple living nearby grumbled that it could have been
two snowmen instead.
8:25 -- The vegans at No.12 complained about veggies are food and not
to decorate snow figures.
8:28 -- I am being called a racist because the snow couple is white.
8:31 -- The Muslim gent across the road wants the snow woman to wear a
8:35 -- A First Nations group stopped and said the project had been built
on what was once their traditional lands without their consultation and
approval. They want an apology and compensation.
8:40 -- Someone calls the cops who show up to see what's going on.
8:42 -- I am told that the broomstick of the snowman needs to be
removed because it could be used as a deadly weapon. Things got
worse after I muttered: "Yeah,if it's up your ass."
8:52 -- My phone is seized and thoroughly checked while I am blindfolded
and flown to the police station in a helicopter.
9:00 -- I'm on the news as a suspected terrorist bent on stirring up trouble
at this sensitive time.
9:10 -- I am asked if I have any accomplices.
9:29 -- ISIS just claimed responsibility.
Welcome to political correctness.
Around the World
UN lambastes Australia for anti-migrant policies
during first week on human rights council
It is unsurprising that Australia would get beaten up about its sensible
immigration policy by the UN, which has been hijacked by the Organization
of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). While the UN lambastes Australia over the
supposed "abuse" of migrants, it entirely ignores the mass abuses and
jihad attacks that many Muslim migrants have brought to Europe.
EgyptIslamists Scheme to Disrupt Egyptian Presidential
Islamists, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, have called for the boycott of
elections, while their affiliated terrorist groups Hasm and Liwa Al Thawra
(Revolution Brigade) - designated as terrorist groups by the United States
on Jan. 31, are still operating to disrupt and sabotage the elections
process. The Egyptian police forces arrested 14 and killed three Hasm
members in a preemptive operation before Hasm executed its plan to
attack during elections. At the same time, ISIS vows to attack voters and
polling stations across the country.
Hungary Slams UN: 'It Is Not a Human Right to
Pick a Country Where One Would Like to Live'
"It is not a human right to pick a country where one would like to live.
Crossing borders can only happen according to international regulations,
and staying in another country can happen only in the case of respecting
the national regulations." "It's time to get rid of hypocrisy and political
correctness," he concluded. "We have to offer solutions to help enhance
the security of all our member-states, because the number one human
right is that we all have the right to a safe and secure life, where we live."
Iran: Women protesting against hijab to be
charged with inciting prostitution, jailed for up to
ten years
The idea behind the "inciting prostitution" charge is that it is women's
responsibility to prevent men from being tempted. If she takes off herhijab, she is inviting them to be tempted. And that's tantamount to
prostitution, in the Sharia-wracked minds of Khamenei and Rouhani.
Iran's Martyrs and the Left's Malicious Silence with
Jamie Glazov
In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Iran's Martyrs and the
Left's Malicious Silence, and he asks: Who will care for the butchered boys
and girls in the jails and streets of the Islamic Republic?
Change your profile picture:
South Africa
South Africa sets its course on race-hatred,
poverty, starvation, and mass deaths
What was once the most prosperous nation in Africa is set to follow the
path of Zimbabwe toward utter ruin. South Africa's Parliament has justvoted to seize white-owned farmland without compensation. Further, Cape
Town, a metropolis of almost 4 million people, has roughly two months
left before it runs out of water, owing to extended drought and inadequate
water capture and storage infrastructure.
The coming controversy over admitting white
refugees from South Africa
The news that South Africa is moving decisively in the disastrous direction
of Zimbabwe - confiscating the land of white farmers, which is by
definition ethnic cleansing and almost certainly will involve mass murder
(as it did in Zimbabwe) - has already sparked a petition to allow the
resulting refugees into the United States:
United Kingdom
Archbishop of Canterbury: Sharia incompatible
with UK law, but we must "allow ourselves to
change with the newcomers"
If we welcome the strangers and allow ourselves to change with them, we
will end up accepting Sharia, which Welby just yesterday said was
incompatible with British law. The Archbishop of Canterbury is not,
apparently, a consistent thinker. He added that high levels of immigration
from Muslim countries can 'have an impact on the accepted pattern for
choosing a partner, on assumed ages of maturity and sexual activity, and
especially on issues of polygamy'.... He said yesterday in advance of
publication that British law has 'underlying values and assumptions' that
come from a clearly Christian tradition.
newcomersUnited States
How to destroy the United States: Ditch the rule of
The rule of law is central to freedom. It is a concept meant solely for the
individual. That is why Lady Justice wears a blindfold. She doesn't care
how smart you are, what your name is, where you came from, or any of a
million other variables. The time is long overdue for America to return,
once and for all, to a single rule of law. We have paid more than enough
for our foolishness.
Epps Aviation vs. hijab by Rachel Ehrenfeld
Patrick Epps, a proud American and former U.S. Air Force pilot, refused to
be blackmailed by CAIR's blatant extortion attempt. He fought back. On
August 22, 2017, after EPPS Aviation had spent more than $100,000 in
legal fees, U.S. Magistrate Judge Walter E. Johnson ruled in favor of EPPS
Aviation. Americans should thank Patrick Epps and follow in his footsteps.
NYC: Three Muslim women awarded $60,000 each
for having to remove hijab for mugshots
The NYPD and the Brooklyn Federal Court should be ashamed of
themselves for subjugating themselves to Islamic rules, while women in
Iran risk their lives to escape its strictures. New York City will pay three
Muslim women a total of $180,000 after they were forced to remove their
hijabs while having police mugshots taken.
Punished for Not Chanting "Death to America,
Israel, Britain"I grew up being taught every morning in school to raise my fist and chant
loudly "Death to America", "Death to Israel" and "Death to Britain". There
was no confusion as to the meaning of those chants. If I did not do so, I
was severely punished. Unfortunately, "Death to" means exactly what it
says. Where I grew up, chants were, and still are, one of the most
powerful brainwashing tools utilized by extremist Muslim leaders to coerce
their followers to fulfill the leaders' religious and political wishes. Chants
and slogans served to mobilize, unite, and empower people in a way that
almost no other tool has succeeded in doing.
Broward County Considered Hotbed for Terrorism,
Sheriff's Deputy a CAIR Leader
Since the school shooting, Sheriff Israel has stated on countless national
media appearances that arming teachers is a terrible idea to keep students
safe. However, Hamze has been to local mosques to teach Muslims how to
defend themselves with firearms and to promote the Second Amendment.
Maybe if Broward Deputy Sheriff Hamze had trained his own officers better
- instead of the Muslim Brotherhood - more FL kids would be alive today
(Clare Lopez).
Other Articles
Has al-Qaeda Learned from Its Mistakes?
Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and other jihadi groups did not suddenly spring out of
nowhere. Global jihad is not an isolated phenomenon; in many ways,
jihadists are the tip of a very big iceberg. They are not the lunatic fringe of
Sunni Islam but rather the fanatic core of Sunni Islam, which makes them
a profoundly different-and much more dangerous-phenomenon. They
are, unfortunately for the West, an integral part of that major portion of
Islam that is, functionally speaking, radical. Women Are Shining
What is outstanding is the prominence of Kurdish women. Female fighters
in the Women's Protection Units, the YPJ, played a key role in the siege of
Kobani and in rescuing Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar. The prominent
Egyptian feminist writer and activist, and co-founder of the Arab
Association for Human Rights, Nawal el Saadawi, complimented Kurdish
women for their fight against ISIS, showing courage. Those women are
waging a battle against an oppressive, abusive society, and for
OIC chief: "There can be no justification for any
violent action and killing under the pretext of
The OIC's goal has been to promote its victimhood "Islamophobia"
imperative through its "Islamophobia Observatories," which present
Muslims as victims and ignores the human rights abuses, persecution and
atrocities against innocent people that are frequently committed in the
name of Islam. Actions such as raping infidel women, execution for
apostasy and homosexuality, beheadings, stonings, striking terror into the
hearts of disbelievers, are all justified by Islamic texts, and are routinely
practiced globally. This includes actions by Islamic states as well as groups
such as Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, etc. Bloody
jihad is even mandated by the Muslim Brotherhood in accordance with
statements of its founder Hassan al-Banna, and is seen increasingly as the
Muslim Brotherhood becomes more aggressive in Egypt.
The West's Darkest Hour by Melanie Phillips
There are ominous signs that a terrible war is looming in the Middle East,
and the West cannot be a bystander. It looks as if history is about to
repeat itself, with Britain once again being catastrophically unprepared.And this time, there is no Churchill to prevent national disaster by the force
of his own character and use of the English language that he weaponized
and sent into battle for the cause of freedom.
Article of the Week
Speakers Cornered
The category of hate speech is disturbingly expandable and depends on
the propensity of groups of people to take offense or feel threatened
(where it pays to be offended, people will take offense). Certain groups,
but not others, are accorded legal or social protection from unpleasant
name-calling, as if they were endangered species. This, ultimately, is the
legacy of Nazism, collective insult or criticism being held to be the first step
on the slippery slope down to Auschwitz. This is not an entirely
dishonorable fear, and many writers on the subject of genocide have noted
the role of dehumanizing language in preparing whole peoples to accept or
to commit this most heinous of crimes. But if all that separates us from
genocide is preventing Katie Hopkins from speaking in Lewes because of a
few injudicious remarks that she has made, we are in a sad moral condition
indeed-much worse than even I had envisaged.
Book RecommendationExposed: The Civilization Jihad Against America's
Popular Culture
Ms. Weiss' in-depth research connects the dots between Islamist
organizations that would do us harm and the script-writers, producers and
actors in Hollywood who have made them bedfellows. The Center for
Security Policy is proud to present Deborah Weiss' new monograph as an
excellent addition to its Civilization Jihad Reader Series.
Churchill: The Man Who Saved The Free World
The West is free today thanks in large part to one man - Winston Churchill.
Historian and bestselling author Andrew Roberts explains how Churchill
saved the world from Nazi Germany.
Fake Hate Crime in Toronto! Robert Spencer
Explains in Dramatic Style
On a recent video from the JihadWatch Youtube channel, scholar of jihad
Robert Spencer told the story of yet another fake hate crime. There are so
many hate hoaxes that you have to think Allah's little helpers must find the
real thing to be a rarity, so counterfeit offenses must be created.
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