Securing Borders

Securing Our Borders

Stopping terrorism means stopping terrorists before they reach Canada. In most cases, that means stopping them at the border. Despite clear Parliamentary mandates, the vast majority of the southern border remains unsecured.

Our current Liberal government is actively promoting the invasion of our country of illegal immigrants through border crossings in Manitoba and Quebec. A porous, uncontrolled border is an open invitation for some of those who wish to harm Canadians to enter our country unnoticed, potentially bringing the tools to wreak unimaginable havoc with them.

ACT! For Canada is committed to seeing the border secured to ensure that those who emigrate do so in search of a better way of life. This means embracing Canada's democratic values; learning at least one of our two official languages; seeking employment; respecting the Judeo-Christian values upon which this country was founded; and understanding that in Canada there is an established Canadian legal and justice system. This system is not compatible with foreign systems such as Islamic Sharia law and justice.

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