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How do we stop Islam?

To stop Islam, we must accept the reality, stop pretending, make an overdue decision, and take common sense measures. Here are the [7 plus] steps to stop the spread of Islam in America, Canada, UK & Europe.

1. Stop believing what Muslims tell us about Islam (see Taqiyya). Instead, believe what they do, what they tell each other (see Muslim Brotherhood), what the Sharia law prescribes, and factually discern the truth about the "Religion of Peace."

2. Reject the unwarranted accusations of "Islamophobia!" and make the courageous decision to stop Islam now before it spreads even farther and irreversibly deeper into the West (see Spread of Islam).

3. Close or block all Jihadist websites, blogs, video, photo and social media accounts that are being used to incite terrorism and recruit terrorists.

4. Stop the army of young Muslim men flooding into the West as fake refugees, prosecute those who sexuaIIy assault our women (see Taharrush), and deport those who blow their cover (see Muslim refugees).

5. Block Muslim imams' access to our public schools, college campuses, armed forces and prisons; we would block any other group with ties to Adolf Hitler (see Hitler & Islam).

6. Outlaw the seditious Sharia law and prosecute for sedition all groups that promote it. Also pass laws to ban Hijab, which is the targeting tool for Taharrush and other sexual assaults, and to stop the islamization of our food supply (see Halal).

7. Require reciprocity of religious freedom from Islamic governments (e.g., Saudi Arabia) that are financing and building mosques in the West; if churches can't be built there, they shouldn't be building mosques here.

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