Terrorism and War

FRONTEX border guards from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, France, and even Germany, as well as police officers from Cyprus and special forces from Austria with armored vehicles, are helping Greece to protect its border from tens of thousands of illegal alien Muslim invaders being sent to Europe by Turkish president Erdogan.

Many of the organizations targeted by SPLC are not "hate" groups in any legitimate sense of the word. Rather, they are thoughtful, articulate conveyors of conservative values and principles whose only fault is that they conflict with the agendas of SPLC. Their inclusion in the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of "hate groups" constitutes an...

Imagine a national newspaper publishing a cartoon of Ilhan Omar as a grotesque pig, with trotters for hands and a ringed snout where her nose should be. The sky would fall in. Advertisers would boycott the publication in their droves and CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic relations) would claim the scalp (possibly literally) of the editor...

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently delivered two speeches to Turkish audiences suggesting that the migrant crisis unfolding at the Greek border is an act of aggression against Europe and maybe even an attempt to re-establish the Ottoman Empire, as revealed in the following RAIR Foundation USA exclusively-translated videos, .

Who would have thought that Islam would hold such a prominent place in Biblical prophecy and in world history. Though not for everyone, this Bible study is an eye-opener to past and current events.

Regardless of what the dunces televising from their Hollyweird bubble claim, the current fires in Australia and recently in California aren't simply a result of their UN Agenda 2030-directed, Greta Thunberg promoted propaganda.