Team Communications

Team Communications

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Please note that we have recently migrated our team communications to Facebook. So, please join our ACT! For Canada Private Facebook Group.

With the FACEBOOK platform, we plan to bring our teams together, make sense of our work, and drive our organization forward.

We encourage all members and supporters to join in the conversation and action at the Facebook Group by using the link noted below.

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Please browse to the following link and request to join our private Facebook Group:

Planning Ahead:  An Alternative To Facebook

Internet censorship and spying is getting unbearable. Apple has given user iCloud info to China. Google and Facebook's censorship is out of control. The Saudis have invested in Slack. An on it goes.

It may be only a matter of time before AFC is deplatformed from these tech giants. We've been researching Social Networking Alternatives that meet the following criteria:

  • Encourage Free Speech
    Do Not Censor
    Do Not Spy On You
    Do Not Sell Your Data
    Do Not Shadow Ban
  • Do Not Permit Offensive Vulgar Content (i.e., porn)

So far, the only Social Network that meets all these criteria is ONEWAY.  If anyone wants to check out Oneway, please click the following link: