Zarif's Inexcusable Warm Welcome in Europe


"I strongly condemn the Swedish Police's severe and ugly treatment of our countrymen who objected to the presence of the Islamic Republic's agents in Sweden. It is regretful that the Swedish government, which claims to be feminist and progressive, not only hosts the agents of a misogynistic and oppressive regime, but it even violently assaults Iranians who were displaced and exiled by that oppressive regime"..,.Reza Pahlavi.

"Iranian people will take back their country, and after their freedom, they will not forget these shameful actions...

"My fellow countrymen, I heard your cry for freedom, and I am proud of your courage. Iranians across the world should learn from your example and through unity and solidarity, not allow the representatives of the regime to travel freely and in peace and lie shamelessly and cover up the Islamic Republic's crimes."

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