You sent politicians a clear message: no vax tax.


Quebec Premier François Legault was the first to introduce the idea of a tax on unvaccinated people, but he announced today he's not going to go forward with his plan.When Quebec announced the scheme, we emailed Canadian Taxpayers Federation supporters and asked them to oppose the policy. Thousands did just that. And it's a good bet people just like you put the brakes on this bad policy.

And for that, you should feel proud.

The only thing that prevents bad policy from becoming law is good people making it clear to politicians that they won't stand for it.A lot of people complain, but few take action. Thousands of taxpayers like you took a stand. And the effect was quite clear. You got a premier to back down and stopped a bad policy.

We'll be sure to keep you informed should the idea get back on the table anywhere else in the country, but we wanted to make sure you were kept aware of this latest development.

Thank you for all you do.- Renaud, Todd, Shannon and the entire CTF team.

PS: Do you trust politicians and the media to be the only ones keeping an eye on your government? Do you think there needs to be an independent watchdog, fighting for you? You can join thousands of taxpayers and take a stand by making a donation via our secure website 

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