Yes, There Is Systematic Racism In Canada!


The language of 'Employment Equity' (EE), the Canadian equivalent of Affirmative Action, but meant for federal civil servants, is suffused with Orwellian words intended to make White Canadians feel that their replacement is a wonderful undertaking in which everyone gains and no one loses. To make matters worse, the "studies" underpinning the pursuit of employment equity are nothing more than a maze of suppositions, faulty data, and wilful deceptions. But, hey, they are a cash cow for diversity bureaucrats.

Under this grand undertaking for human equity, the government classifies civil servants into four 'Employment Equity' groups: Aboriginals, women, people with disabilities and visible minorities. The default category is that of the White male, although that term is never used for fear of 'triggering.' The goal is for the civil service to be 'representative' of Canadian society as a whole, meaning, for example, that if half the Canadian population is women then half the civil service should be women. This should be concerning because it implies hiring in the civil service works on a quota system, employing people only because of their skin colour, gender or disability.1 In fact, many job opportunities advertised within the civil service explicitly state that members of Employment Equity groups will be preferred.

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