Yes, I Am a White Male — Deal With It


With White Male privilege, I have to watch and hear my essence insulted every day by one of the two major political parties in this country. I am a really fair and enormously accepting guy, and I never would judge someone by race, by religion, by ethnicity, by gender preference. And yet the privileged White Male never knows when some sociopath may be lurking at the next Clintonian Basketful to point a finger and say "You voted for Trump - You are racist!" Or "You speak perfect English - You are ethnonationalist." "You quote great works of European literature - You are a First Worlder." "You believe in the Bible - You are homophobic and not suited to be a judge in an American court." "You speak of how your grandparents entered this country legally through the port of entry at Ellis Island - You are xenophobic." "You tell people there is opportunity in America - You are Deplorable."