Wynne’s throne speech is Liberal snake oil


In a textbook example of bribing Ontario voters with their own money, Premier Kathleen Wynne claimed more government spending will make our lives better in her throne speech on Monday.

Finance Minister Charles Sousa will follow up with a March 28 budget that will be a desperate attempt by the Liberals to buy the June 7 election by assuring us we can spend ourselves rich.

It's the oldest snake oil in the Liberals' bag of tricks and if it was true, Ontario's streets would already be paved with gold.

In reality, Wynne faces the classic dilemma of socialism as famously described by Margaret Thatcher.

Lt.-Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell delivers the Liberal government's throne speech on Monday. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)

The premier has run out of other people's money. Our money.

Since coming to power in 2003, the Liberals have doubled government spending from $71 billion to $141 billion.

They've more than doubled provincial debt from $139 billion to $312 billion.

Ontario is now the world's most indebted non-national government.

Last week, the Liberals broke their pledge of just one year ago to balance Ontario's budget for the next two years.

Wynne now proposes to add billions of dollars in new debt to pay for more Liberal election bribes.

And yet, despite 15 years of runaway Liberal spending, taxing and debt, Wynne herself admitted in her throne speech that, "life is getting harder" for average Ontarians.

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