World Economic Forum head’s prediction of microchips ‘in our brains’ is coming true, thanks to Big Tech


A top globalist's prediction of widespread brain reading technology is rapidly proving true, as Big Tech companies advance implantable microchip and other "transhumanist" projects. In a recently unearthed video, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), called for microchips to be implanted "in our brains." Schwab, who leads the WEF's "Great Reset" program, detailed his microchip prediction in a 2016 interview with Swiss broadcasting group RTS, saying that brain chips would be widely introduced "certainly in the next ten years."

This is the Brave New World of Klaus Schwab and the tech elites, as they initiate the Great Reset, moving beyond human to Hybrid creatures of their own making. The goal of all global anti-Christ's... make their own world populated with their own eternal creatures. The covid jabs are just the beginning.