Woman kicked out of Toronto hospital for refusing to wear mask


Meet Toronto resident Letitia Montana. On Saturday, Montana thought she had broken her finger, - turns out it was only sprained - so she visited St. Joseph's Health Care Centre to receive medical treatment. Alas, treatment was denied to her when Montana refused to wear a mask.

She filmed her encounter with a nurse pleading her case, but her requests fell on deaf ears. Said Montana on the video: "I have to wear a mask? Otherwise you're going to deny me service if I don't wear a mask?"

The nurse, decked out in scrubs, gloves and a mask nods in the affirmative indicating that this is indeed hospital policy. Eventually, three security guards escorted Montana from the premises.

Montana then posted the video on social media, where it has been viewed more than six million times. She claims that she cannot wear a mask even for a short period because she has trouble breathing. She also has doubts about the effectiveness of wearing masks.