Winds of War Brewing in Gaza


Over half of Gaza's Palestinian labor force is unemployed. The Strip is plagued by chronic fuel and water shortages. Electricity is sporadic and raw sewage flows in the streets. The Hamas government in an effort to deflect attention away from its own venality and corruption is stoking the flames of violence. Violent rioting, damage to border infrastructure, sporadic rocket and mortar fire, terror tunnels, kite terror, IEDs and sniper fire are recurring themes that Israel must contend with on a daily basis from its genocidal Islamist neighbor.

The best solution for Israel in taming Hamas is an approach that lies somewhere between mowing the lawn and toppling the junta. Israel's 2014 Protective Edge campaign inflicted massive harm on Hamas and was regarded as a military success; yet partly in an effort to placate Obama, Israel operated with extreme restraint. In the next war, Israel should substantially relax the self-imposed limitations it places on its military.