Will We Resist Institutional Fraud or Submit to the Ruling Class?


In the memorable words of Samuel Adams from a speech at the Philadelphia State House on August 1, 1776, we have the "tranquillity of servitude," a compliant and righteous population happy to surrender their political autonomy and sovereignty of mind in exchange for the luxury of unexamined lassitude and emotional security. The majority enthusiasm for the experimental vaccines, for the effectiveness and safety of which there is no long-term data, is a vivid illustration of the public deference to authority and the willingness to abandon the democratic virtue of independent judgment.

Hypothetical safety eclipses genuine liberty. The fact that the vaccines are in constant need of boosters, that cases continue to mount among the vaccinated, and that Public Health England (PHE) now suggests vaccinated people may be as infectious as the unvaccinated does not impinge on the pervasive belief in the competence, ethics, and trustworthiness of the administrative establishment. 

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