Why Western Canada Should NOT LISTEN To Anything Justin Trudeau Says


Help CAP understand-after working to bleed Alberta dry of its oil and energy industries for four years, why would Justin Trudeau turn around and treat western Canada like kings over the next four years?

Quick Answer: he will not do it. Rather, he will pretend to do it. Advisor Gerald Butts is no doubt scheming like a devil to come up with a propaganda campaign of deception to fool our nation into believing Trudeau has even a modicum of concern for western Canadian interests.

Why would the situation take a 180 degree turn when:

- The infrastructure which favours Quebec and Eastern Canada has been in place for decades.

-Pierre Trudeau's Eastern/Quebec- centric National Energy Program sucks hundreds of millions out of Alberta, and trans-fers those funds to Eastern Canada.

- Saudi Arabian & Middle Eastern oil has been flowing into Canada for decades, benefitting Justin Trudeau(Grandpa's oil business), Bill Morneau and the rest of the Laurentian Mountain elites.

- It would mean King Trudeau would have to defy American environmental lobbying, as well as Middle Eastern government unhappiness. CAP prediction: He will never do this.

In other words, should anyone truly believe Trudeau will break out of the Liberal-Globalist status quo, and make substantial changes to decades-old energy infrastructure in Canada-especially when it personally benefits Mr. Trudeau on a financial basis?

CAP don't. What we expect first and foremost is retention of the status quo. Why wouldn't we, when Canada just went through four years without our ruling government altering their insidious global agenda by one iota.

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