Why UK police and media hounded and persecuted an innocent couple over airport drones they had nothing to do with


There is no doubt that some British officials were thrilled at the prospect of Gait and Kirk having sent the drones: finally some actual "right-wing" non-Muslim terrorists! So, they splashed their names all over the press, in stark contrast to how taciturn and laconic they frequently get when Islamic terrorists are arrested. How many times have we seen the BBC or some other British "news outlet" tell us that "a man" has been arrested on suspicion of "terrorism," without giving any details to allow anyone to know what was going on? But Gait and Kirk made them salivate.

If Britain were a sane society, there would be apologies and resignations over this incident, both of British officials and of British "journalists." But Britain is not even close to being a sane society.

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