Why Trump is Right on California Wildfires


Back in 2005 experts were predicting "larger, more devastating fires-fires so hot that they sterilized the soil, making regrowth difficult and altering the landscape". They saw the rise of "fires that increasingly threatened lives and homes as they became hotter and more difficult to bring under control."

"Federal lands have not been managed for decades, threatening adjacent private forests, while federal funds designated for forest maintenance have been "borrowed" for fire suppression expenses," DeVore writes. "The policies frequently reduce the economic value of the forest to zero. And, with no intrinsic worth remaining, interest in maintaining the forest declined, and with it, resources to reduce the fuel load."

Although some may have found President Trump's tweets about the poor quality of forest management in California jarring or ill-timed, that doesn't change the fact that the evidence is on his side.

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