Why New Zealand shouldn’t ban the shooter’s manifesto


The ban is a bad thing. In trying to prevent people from reading the alleged gunman's 'message', the authorities have sent out a worrying message of their own. Their message is that we should be frightened, not only of the terrorist's deadly weapons, but also of his words; that Western society is now so enfeebled and lacking in self-belief that it cannot take on and defeat the rambling rhetoric of a mad gunman.

The important thing here is not to champion an alleged mass murderer's right to rant (although an eco-fascist really should have the same free-speech rights as anybody else). It is to insist on our right to decide what we read, watch or listen to, and judge for ourselves - without the not-in-front-of-the-children intervention of any censors, official or otherwise. Free speech for the individual is about the freedom of the rest of us to make up our own minds.