Why It’s Entirely Relevant to Ask Whether Elected Representatives Believe in Sharia


Our laws reflect who we want to be as a society, and they derive from values we hold in common. If our values as a nation change, our law will change also.

For instance, we might think it's "nice" and "supportive" to don a head scarf on World Hijab Day, but those who do are like Marie Antoinette playing at being a shepherdess, merely play-acting. After the day is over, we can take off our scarf and return to our wide-ranging freedoms. But in Iran, women are arrested for removing theirs.

Take, for instance, the photo of endlessly accommodating Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attending a gay pride event wearing socks adorned with "Eid Mubarek" in honor of the last day of Ramadan. He was trying to have it both ways, when that is impossible. His performance, intended to be culturally generous, was instead a superficial display of deeply contradictory values.