Why I will not take the jab


First, the Covid jabs are NOT vaccines - they do not provide immunity or prevent transmission. The jabs are experimental gene-altering mRNA treatments. They are only being administered outside of China. In China, the public receives inactivated vaccines like polio vaccines.

Second, the goal of the entire COVID19 fear mongering narrative of the CDC was to generate public demand for "vaccines." This is political medicine, not public health. Mandated vaccines yield total social control through digital vaccine passports that will be attached to your medical records and banking. This is the central structure of the managerial state that is coming to America unless people understand the scheme. COVID19 is the most colossal humanitarian hoax ever perpetrated on mankind.

I am not joking. We are living in a time of great historical upheaval. It is the battle between patriots demanding national sovereignty and globalism's ambition for one-world governance. Please, please, please do not ever wish for government mandated "vaccines," and whatever you do, beg your children not to "vaccinate" their children.

Globalism cannot succeed unless the United States is collapsed. What is happening in Canada, the lawful protest of truckers against government mandated mRNA jabs, is coming to America. This is revolution without bullets. The shots fired are coming from a syringe - not the barrel of a gun.

Justin Trudeau is an active participant and globalist devotee of the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab's ambition for global planetary governance in the "new normal" of the Great Reset. Trudeau is collapsing Canada from within just as surely as the Biden/Obama/Harris regime is collapsing America from within. No one with a functioning brain cell thinks Biden is running the government. The corrupt democrats and equally corrupt RINOs are being managed by their globalist masters. This is do or die for globalism v. nationalism. And trust me, freedom lovers in the western world do not want to live in the dystopian managerial state. They just don't realize what is coming.

Linda Goudsmit

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