Who made you God: deciding who is essential?


It takes a certain kind of arrogance to suggest that wanting to go back to work is a "push to make money" over concerns about health when you are having trouble paying rent, providing food for your family and just trying not to fall into despair. But I understand it, as Miguel Almaguer, like all his compatriots in the media, ARE GETTING PAID.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are getting a pay cheque, I have no interest in your opinion regarding the opening of the country or deciding for me who is and is not essential. You're fine. Millions aren't. All the so-called political leaders - who are they to decide who is essential when they are still getting paid?

PM Justin Trudeau deigns to come out of his home, for fifteen minutes a day and share his sanctimonious bafflegab. He is a failed drama teacher and ski instructor, yet he is going to lead us out of this catastrophe? The man is tied to China, has loved their government for years and sent our health care supplies to them in February! Anything to buy a seat at the UN, even when it harms Canadians.

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