The self-appointed front man for this newest Western separatist launch (there have been others) is one Peter Downing, a Christian Heritage Party candidate. This Alberta-centered movement (Alberta First) has been in the making for several months now, banking on a publicized statement that if a Conservative majority government wasn't elected, it would start fomenting a new separatist movement. This movement plays right into the hands of the mainstream establishment, which will use it to solidify their power through a fake call to nationalism, while vilify separatists as traitors.

Peter Downing appears to have a checkered past as an ex-RCMP constable who was criminally convicted with uttering threats in a case of spousal abuse. He was suspended for starting 2 bar fights while drunk, and was deemed by superiors to be an "unreliable" witness in Crown court cases. As a result, many prosecutions had to be thrown out by the Courts.

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