Defeating the Islamic Movement Inside the United States: A Strategic Plan


How bad are things? Very bad. The failure to identify, define, and counter the Islamic Movement and its threat to the American political philosophy and way of life endangers current and future generations of Americans and may lead to the end of the Republic.

In five years, given current immigration rates and the gains being made overseas by Islamic Movement-affiliated entities, sharia-inspired wars will begin across Europe. In the U.S. Government's current state of reality dislocation, there is a high likelihood that U.S. policy will support the insurgent Islamic movements in these European countries.

In ten years, the Islamic Movement will have consolidated the new Caliphate under the leadership of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and begun the Caliphate's expansion into Europe. Domestically, the United States will be ideologically fractured by the growing alliance between the hard left* and Islamic ideologies, both of which are already fueling domestic conflict. In 20 years, the United States may no longer exist as a unified nation under a common political philosophy.