Where Trump Went Wrong


Donald Trump may have been a controversial personality during his tenure in the White House, but he was on balance a great president in the mold of Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan. He was beholden to no one, had extensive and successful business practice, and understood the productive base and beneficial trade agreements that underwrite a vibrant economy.

One may hope for Trump's return to the presidential sweepstakes in 2024, battle tested-and-hardened, with a better knowledge of the political snake pit, less prone to give credence to questionable advisors, ready to take arms against a fraudulent media apparatus, indifferent to the seductions of a glitzy presidential curatorship, and willing to assume a Lincolnesque determination to fight the country's domestic enemies tooth and nail. It's a tall order, but a second term is needed to correct the mistakes of the first.

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