When will Canada say “No!” to Huawei?


On Tuesday, Britain banned the purchase of any new 5G equipment from the Chinese telecom giant Huawei and ordered all Huawei gear stripped from Britain's networks by 2027.

They joined the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand in freezing out Huawei from their 5G networks, leaving Canada as the only member of the "Five Eyes" intelligence alliance that has not barred or restricted Huawei from its 5G network.

There are excellent reasons to be alarmed at the prospect of letting Huawei have access to our 5G network.

China's National Intelligence Law gives the Chinese Communist Party the power to use Huawei's technology for its intelligence work.

Huawei has helped China earn its reputation for spying, industrial espionage, and international property theft.

Through surveillance and facial recognition, Huawei have also helped the Beijing regime track, detain, torture, and murder people.

My Conservative caucus colleague Pierre-Paul Hus, who is the critic for national security, is absolutely right when he says:

"The fact that Canada is now the only country in the Five Eyes to have not taken action to mitigate the security risk of using Huawei in our 5G network is an abject failure on the Trudeau government's part to protect our national security."

The government should announce sooner, rather than later, that Huawei will be banned.

As Prime Minister, I will not allow Huawei 5G in Canada.

Canadians have rightfully recognized that the Chinese Communist Party cannot be trusted, nor can companies like Huawei that exist not to increase profit or shareholder value, but solely to carry out the wishes of the CCP and expand China's geopolitical influence.

So have all of our allies in the "Five Eyes" intelligence network.

What is Justin Trudeau waiting for?

Canada needs a leader who will recognize the Chinese Communist Party as the threat that it is, and who will protect Canadians against it!


Derek Sloan

Member of Parliament