When it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood, there's no such thing as a 'moderate'


Qatar's opulent sponsorship of Tariq Ramadan's career served a dual purpose - at once spreading Brotherhood ideology among the Muslim youth of Europe and presenting a soothing message of moderation to Western observers. This same two-pronged approach is at work in the many mosques, professorships, and libraries that Qatari money funds across Europe. Qatar would loudly deny that its aim is radicalization, but such denials are hard to square with the extremist literature that Qatari institutions promulgate. We may find that sexual assault is not the worst crime that Qatari money made possible.

Qatar's relationship with Ramadan is only a small detail in a larger story. Qatar Papers also revealed the deep involvement of the Qatari regime with the Islamist network in Europe. Much of this was done by Qatar Charity, a regime-linked organization that has been accused of funneling billions of dollars to Islamist insurgent groups in Syria, Libya, and elsewhere. In Europe, Qatar Papers showed, Qatar Charity provided some 71 million euro to fund the construction of 140 mosques, Islamic centers, and Islamic museums.

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